Reports and articles published:


Towards Trusted Data Sharing Launch - December 2018

Report "Towards trusted data sharing: guidance and case studies" published by the UK Royal Academy of Engineering".


Connecting Data Launch - November 2015

Report "Connecting data: Driving innovation and productivity" published by the UK Royal Academy of Engineering".

Canada-UK Council Colloquium - November 2014

Book "The Challenges of Cyberspace: Living and working in a digital society" for the Canada-UK Council.


Cyber-swords or cyber-ploughshares? - October 2013

Article "Cyber-swords or cyber-ploughshares?" for United Nations Association UK magazine "New World".

The Times Open Source Supplement 23rd October 2012

Opinion piece "Unlocking innovation: open source for business".


Open for business - White Paper - September 2012

White Paper on "Open for business: The value of Open Source Software in transaction processing".

Sustainable Government - Special Report - June 2012

Article on "Extracting value from IT enabled change".


EPSRC-ESRC "Ideas Factory" Sandpit, Ascot, 16th-20th November 2009

BBC "Dragons' Lab" recording broadcast on 28th December 2009 describing the sandpit process.

SAP Spectrum article June 2009

Article "The hybrid CIO".  Download 60kb.


The Guardian - Expert Opinion 16th April 2009

Article for The Guardian 16th April 2009 on "Expert Opinion - Information Security".  Download 70kb.

Contingency Today article March 2009

Article "A stitch in time...".  Download 88kb.


CEO Today article January 2009

Article for CEO Today January 2009 on "Living in Exponential times: the Blessing and Curse of ICT".  Download 2MB.

Computer Weekly article March 2008

Article "Software as a Service: Back to the future".  Download 1Mb.


IoD News article March 2008

Article for IoD News March 2008 on "Digital Identity: A plague on both their houses".  Download 32KB.

Public Policy Research Journal article February 2008

Article 'The crisis in our Critical National Infrastructure".  Download 104KB.


IoD News article February 2008

Article for IoD News February 2008 on the 'Securing your business'.  Download 88KB.

IoD News article October 2007

Article 'Spaced-in or Spaced-out?".  Download 92KB.


Royal Academy of Engineering letter Sept 2007

Letter to RA Eng. Journal "Ingenia" on the 'Gowers' Intellectual Property Review.  Download 72KB.

IoD News article August 2007

Article 'A Stitch in time?' on Critical National Infrastructure.  Download 52KB.


IoD e-News article August 2007

Article on 'Science, Technology and Parliamentarians: Driving Awareness'.  Download 92KB.

IoD News article June 2007

Article 'Connecting for Health: ICT Change or Business Change?'.  Download 88KB.


Royal Academy of Engineering letter Oct 2006

Letter to RA Eng. Journal "Ingenia" on IT enabled business change.  Download 68KB.

IoD Policy Paper September 2006

Policy paper 'Small & Medium Enterprises: successful growth through ICT investment'.  Download 1.5MB.


IoD e-News August 2006

Article summarising research results on IoD Members views on leadership and budgeting of business change.  Download 88KB.

IoD News July 2006

Article on 'The Art of Business Transformation'.  Download 100KB.


Computing-Business July 2006

Article summarising a Chartered Director's view of the role of IT.  Download 80KB.

GS1 UK June 2006

Opinion piece on "Too lean an approach to business?"  Download 48KB.


Director Supplement May 2006

Opinion piece 'Work smarter not harder'.  Download 64KB.

BCS Information Security Specialist Group

Article "ASP and the 'dark side' of the broadband force...".  Download 88KB.


IoD News March 2006

Opinion piece on "Transformational Government".  Download 80KB.

Computing-Business November 2005

Article summarising a Company Chairman's view of the role of IT.  Download 84KB.


Computing-Business October 2005

Article summarising a Non-Executive Director's view of the role of IT.  Download 72KB.

IoD News September 2005

Article on the challenge of business change facilitated by new IT systems.  Download 76KB.


IoD Europe News June 2005

Article summarising the challenge of affordable broadband communications in Europe.  Download 64KB.

Computing Broadband Special 24th June 2004

Article summarising progress in the roll out of affordable broadband in the UK and looking at the challenges ahead, published on 24th June.  Download 88KB.


Computing - June 2004

Vision piece on broadband futures for Computing.  Download 52KB.

Infomatics - 26th May 2004

Article on the relationships between Government and the ICT industries written for the Infomatics CIO Agenda Setters series published on 26th May 2004.  Download 64KB.


Computer Weekly - April 2004

Short IoD position statement on e-Government for Computer Weekly, published April 2004.  Download 48KB.

Computing - 10th December 2003

Article written for the Computing special report on UK Broadband issues published on 10th December 2003.  Download 76KB.


Computing - 24th September 2003

Article written for the Computing special report on UK National Health Service IT issues, published 24th September 2003.  Download 80KB.

Cable & Satellite Europe - July 2003

Article written for Cable & Satellite Europe in July 2003 on the need for different technical approaches to the delivery of rural broadband and the need for service integrators supporting single sign on etc across a range of delivery networks.  Download 60KB.


Contribution published by the Broadband Stakeholders' Group

A "think piece" on a vision for the impact of pervasive, affordable, broadband communications by the year 2010.  Comments very welcome to:   Download 56KB.

UK Cabinet Office Performance & Innovation Unit May 1999

Report on 'Encryption & Law Enforcement' commissioned by the then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair to resolve a policy disagreement between the Home Office and the Department of Trade & Industry.  Download 232KB.


UK Cabinet Office Performance & Innovation Unit September 1999

Report detailing how to implement the UK Government's objective of "Making the UK the best place in the World for electronic business by 2002".   Download 1.3MB.


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